Unique Instructions

The main idea for Digital Hegemony is for a unique instruction set to be created for each cryptographic key. One company can use one key to create microprocessors that use an instruction set that is unique. Then competitors and hackers could not provide new instructions for the hardware to execute. Also, it make it hard for them to understand the algorithms of the company that Owns the system.

Ownership is a concept that is central to Digital Hegemony. Old systems that use the Intel instruction set or the ARM instruction set are not compatible with the unique instruction sets provided by the concepts defined for:

Digital Hegemony
Computer Bunker
Provincial Computers
Variable Instruction Set Terminus Infrastructure (VISTI)

Those four phrases are all for the same system of inventions. Image the future when the electrical power grid has millions of distributed microprocessor based sensors which use the VISTI hardware. Then outsiders will not be able to inject malicious software into the system.