Island of IP

The Digital Hegemony techniques let you build your own Island of Intellectual Property. Like on many islands, there will be security from some outsiders but your Island of IP will lack many of the utilities found in the big city. As your company builds up its own software and hardware infrastructure using an instruction set that is new, you will not be able to immediately see photographs or play music or print papers. You will be limited to more basic computer calculations, like in the olden days. The compiler will mature and someday, those features will be built in.

Make a beachhead. Start afresh. Sit down in front of a blank sheet of paper with a pencil. Do something original. Build a pyramid of technology. Start at the bottom:

Video graphics
Word processors
Integrated Design Environment
Compiler written for C++ Language
Compiler written for the D-- Language
Create an Assembler that uses mnemonics
Machine language is used to bootstrap the CPU
Blow fuses on the custom HCPU Hegemony Central Processing Unit
Buy the Digital Hegemony License to get the distribution copy of the software: $80,000