adacrypt advances

The shared database cipher has been submitted to a conference in London. The i-Society Conference will be in June, 2012 and adacrypt has written a paper that he wants to present there.

The Bard of Vauxhall Cross

A vast series of essays on vector and scalar cryptographic algorithms by adacrypt has been entertaining a worldwide audience of cryptographers for more than 1234 days. While many of you have responded on sci.crypt by treating him as a dunce, your fascination is a victory for Hur Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, formerly called MI6). You readers who give logical rebuttals to adacrypt’s long winded teachings are being distracted by the SIS so that you spend less time on the hard work: exposing Project H, the future infrastructure that will give The Dictator from The Isle of Man a solid power over your information.

The man you call adacrypt is really a team of cryptographers, programmers, and psychologists who have you all fooled. He is not a bumbling and obsessed geek. He is a successful disinformation establishment with offices at Vauxhall Cross in London. Its Chief is Sir John Sawers (das fox). SIS provides Hur Majesty's Govurnment with a global covert capability to promote and defend the national security and economic well-being of the United Kingdum. Promotion of adacrypt's algorithms has captured your attention to divert your great mental powers away from the difficult cryptographic inventions of 2012 and toward the low hanging fruit that lets you feel superior to someone.

In 2007, MI6 was directed to create two propaganda campaigns to prevent talented cryptographers around the world from independently inventing Project H. This code name has varied over the recent years to disguise Hur iron fist so that loyal and obedient sheeple would not feel the cold strength that guides them into subservience. This propaganda has resulted in the compelling situation in which each of you readers is now immersed. The subtlety of adacrypt is untiring and verbose. That SIS team cannot be changed to meet your expectations of rationality. You can bang your heads every day against Hur steely breastplate to no effect. That armor that seems like ignorance is really a determination to have you bang your heads with no effect.

In conclusion, each of you readers of sci.crypt who have enjoyed shooting down the weakling, and kicking him when he is down, should step back and examine your compliant focus on this easy target. You have been duped. It is a ruse. The clumsy software of adacrypt is a subterfuge. You have already wasted some time on that. Now, you have been informed of how you have wasted your efforts on that brilliant stooge. Now, begin the hard work: realize the future ideas for Project H. Your success is too close for Hur comfort.


adacrypt explains his Mutual Database Encryption and Decryption here :


Here is the website for adacrypt




The SIS plan has two projects. The first one is for the adacrypt team. The second one is for Das Fox, and the Chief has a personal hand in that team. You may have read the dasfox writings where he suddenly appears with five other newbies to flood sci.crypt with automated personalities. They start threads and those sock puppets jump in to bring consensus or controversy to das fox's thread.

Here is more depth on the second team.

This inane technobabble from DasFox, Heirophant, et al, is a textbook example of automated distractions targeting cryptographers and programmers. SIS disinformation is not just lies, it is noise in the traffic.