Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Digital Hegemony

Cryptography gives people a great power. In the Winter of 2012, we are at the beginning of a time when new technological breakthroughs will burst upon the scene. The past anarchy of digital freedoms will be superseded by a new institution for Digital Hegemony. In this new bastion of computer security, people and teams will be free from viruses and malware. We will have a safe silicon space in which we can write programs that cannot be stolen. This issue of Popular Cryptography Magazine gives a layperson's introduction to the science behind the rising powerhouse in your house.

Hegemony for a computer system allows the owner to have impunity from attack and power to make advancements that cannot be limited by other computers. Imagine a company in the future which embraces this new level of confidence to sell millions of digital hardware products that speak an alien language and produce unearthly qualities. That company would wield absolute power over what software can run on those devices. Microsoft software will not run their operating systems and Intel programs cannot be executed. An island of private intellectual property will exist and function according to the goals of the company.