.bmp de-stego

Here is the JPEG conversion of the .bmp picture after a 121 byte text message was hidden in it.

JPEG ABOVE! blogspot automatically converted my .bmp to JPEG without notifying me.

A hidden 121 byte message was extracted out of that bear picture. The 121 byte text message was given on an earlier page. The bear pictures take 1181 kilobytes of bitmapped image data. The software from King Konglomerate does not succeed in hiding much larger messages in this image. This bear photo was taken by the author on September 21, 2011 in Connecticut, USA.


Part 6 of 7 Comments, January 28, 2012

The source file is this sentence with about 55 bytes.
The random digits file is 1002 kilobytes and it is named ran_11.txt

Here is the style of garbage digits that seem random:

The random file is created by typing in digits by hand, and then copying and pasting the same 1000 digits to fill the ran_11.txt file. You can download the megabyte random file here using the SAVE AS function. Right click your mouse on this link to SAVE AS:

Rename the file ran_11.txt to see the ascii digits from 0 to 9 in this random file. It is stored as a jpg file because Wordpress does not allow .txt files to be stored!


Part 7 of 7

The rev 3.2 software was downloaded and run with a binary random number file. You can see that file named ran_06.dat which has 11 Megabytes from OpenSSL random number generator. The file is linked here:

The .bmp image was 112 KB white picture, 200 by 200 pixels from Gimp.
The source file was 55 bytes of text from part 6.
Stega_BP_v32.exe has 1,522,688 bytes , the same size as yesterday's version.

Results are good! The resulting .bmp white picture was examined and no spots were seen! It took 2 seconds to extract the hidden text. It took 0 seconds to embed. The software correctly extracted the hidden message from the bitmapped image. You can download the white image with subtle spots here
You can extract the secret message from s32_11.bmp by using the ran_06.dat file that is mentioned above. Just run the fine software version 3.2 from KK and follow the simple prompts for the two files, the image and the random numbers. Then it will create a file you can name hidden.txt and read the hidden message that I wrote with 55 bytes.

The following is a JPEG representation of the .bmp, because of automatic conversion on blogspot.

JPEG above.

If you can see any spots in the downloadable .bmp file white square, the spots are the hidden bits of the 55 byte message. I cannot see any spots on the blank white bitmapped image. Good work King Konglomerate!