.bmp stego

The bitmap steganography input was this picture before any text was embedded.

JPEG version of .bmp:

JPEG ABOVE! blogspot automatically converted my .bmp to JPEG without notifying me

Test results for .bmp stego

A 121 byte text message was successfully hidden in a 1.1 megabyte .bmp image. The beginning picture and modified picture can be examined on my website :
The BEFORE picture is shown above.
AFTER picture is on the de-stego page:

The software worked easily for me without any video training, just text instructions were read on the King Konglomerate website: Bitmap Steganography freeware http://www.kingkonglomerate.com/

Three files were input :

10 megabyte random number file ran-04.dat from

A picture carrier .bmp file size 1181 kbytes bear-1.bmp

BEGIN: 121 byte text file called plain-01.txt
"repeat the plain word... until 128 bytes in text are used. When full this will fit into a megabyte image in .bmp format"
END: 121 bytes.


Bitmap Steganography freeware

This was tested on January 22, 2012 and it worked well. The text message was hidden in the bear picture and then the text message was easily extracted from the modified image. The correct text was recovered from the picture of the bear on the next page.